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Seminar Room
We realize that while understanding the theory is important, you cannot learn to swim by reading a book. Eventually you have to get wet.

The emphasis here is on practical exercises to help you improve your Dating Skills. These full-weekend workshops offer practical and personalized training with our female Dating Coaches. You might call it a dating make-over. The workshop offers individually focused coaching on your look, style, body language, & dating skills during real-life scenarios with our female dating coaches who let you know what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong.

(Participants are strongly encouraged to take the Introductory Seminars in order to better understand the Psychology of the opposite sex and the principles of Dating and Attraction before the Dating Makeover)

  1. Looks and 1st Impressions: A 1⁄2 day consultation with a personal stylist that will overhaul your look, your style, and your wardrobe to help you make a high impact 1st impression.

  2. Applied psychology of Dating and Attraction: Video tape analysis of your interactions with our Female Dating Coaches to help you pinpoint areas of weakness and strength. Then we zero in with practical exercises to help you turn up your attractiveness to the opposite sex.

  3. Overhauling your Dating Skills: One on one exercises to help you improve your body language, conversational skills, dating skills, and help you understand your strengths and weaknesses on an actual date. Our Dating Coaches will run you through drills and procedures, providing pointed feedback on ways to improve how you come across to the opposite sex.

  4. Real-Life Coaching: Are you ready to graduate to the real world? We offer the opportunity to be taken out by our dating coaches on real dates and outings where you can meet people with your coach by your side, guiding you along the way.


Day 1: (10am-6pm)

  1. 1st Impressions

  2. Developing your "Brand": the way you do anything is the way you do everything...

  3. Psychology of Attraction

  4. Charisma

  5. Projecting your Authentic and Highest Self

  6. Ideal Woman Exercise

  7. Makeover with Personal Stylist

Day 2: (10am-6pm)

  1. Unleashing your full potential

  2. Fear Mastery Exercise

  3. Body Language secrets

  4. On camera practice with our women dating coaches - Get some straight feedback from a woman on how you come across

  5. Social Networking Strategies

  6. Online Dating Strategies and Developing a Profile

  7. Sensual awakening

  8. How to Screen for High Quality Women

  9. Group Outing with dating coach

Date Simulation
Grout Outing with Wing Women

Price: $1,495 CAD --- Extended Payment plan available - approx. $499 per month plus tax for 3 months

Please note that a PayPal account is required to pay the full amount due to the dollar limits imposed by PayPal.
If you do not have a PayPal account, please use the Interac Email Payment option, or make a $200 deposit below and we will contact you with additional details.

Montreal - September 5th-6th, 2009 - ($1495 CAD + tax)

Montreal - September 5th-6th, 2009 - ($499 CAD + tax for 3 months)

$200 Registration Deposit - If you do not have a registered Paypal account, you can pay the balance at the conference.
Paypal limits the amount which you can charge to a credit card before a PayPal account is required.

Interac Email Option:

Please email us at if you would like to perform an Interac Email payment.
An online bank account at Bank of Montreal, ScotiaBank, CIBC, RBC Royal Bank or TD Canada Trust is required.