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Woman Dating

Dating Secrets for Women: The Art of Flirting

Whether It's a Fun Fling or a Lasting Relationship, Learn to Get What You Want!

** For Women Only**

If you're tired of sitting at home, do something about it. This class will show you how to flirt your way into his heart and keep him coming back for more.

Looking for romance, or just a fun time with a fun guy? There are plenty of classes and books for men on how to score with women. This fun, informative class turns the tables and tells you how to find, approach, and get the man you want.

You'll learn from an real dating expert - a man - how to:

  • Catch his attention and win his heart

  • Instantly project the 5 qualities that men find irresistible

  • Why some women are attracted to jerks - and how to resist the temptation

  • Boost your self-esteem and self-confidence

  • Figure out what you already do that's sexy - then capitalize on it

  • Use body language to communicate your interest and make yourself more approachable

  • Stand out from other women he may be interested in.

  • Regain the power in a relationship

Plus: Where the best places are to meet quality guys and how to make the most of the "meet market," with tips on personals, dating services, singles parties and online meeting spots.

Dr. Amir Georges Sabongui, PhD ‘Doc” s known as the Dating doctor and is a psychologist who has helped hundreds of people get back into the dating game. He has been featured on ABC, Citytv, CTV, The National Post, and the "Passion" show to name just a few, and is the author of four books including The Dating Manual series for men. He conducts corporate training workshops for Fortune 500 companies and is the co-founder and president of, committed to teaching people the real skills necessary to be successful in many of life's domains including: personal well-being, meeting people, and growing relationships.