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TrueLifeskills.com, part of the LifeskillsNetwork, is a website dedicated to providing you with online resources as well as direct education and training for all stages of your life: personal well being, meeting people, growing relationships, parenting, and mature living.

Dr. Amir Georges Sabongui

TrueLifeskills.com's focus is to grow and develop in direct response to the expressed needs of our clientele and will continually offer new resources and information that reflect those needs. In response to your growing interest, resources on Health and Well Being, Relationships, and Meeting People are prominently featured on this website.

Dr. Amir Georges Sabongui is the driving force behind TrueLifeskills and the LifeSkills Network. His free dating seminars teach men and women how to overcome personal roadblocks to create a high impact first impression, a chemistry of attraction and a real intimate and sensual connection. In addition to theory, Dr. Sabongui's full-weekend transformational workshops offer personalized training, emphasizing practical experiences including real-life exercises such as dates and outings to help improve your dating skills and in developing an authentic and passionate relationship. Your "dating make-over", with stylists and dating coaches, covers everything from wardrobe to intimacy; including body language, conversational skills, sensuality, etc.

Dr. Amir Georges Sabongui, PhD is a clinical Psychologist, professional speaker and author of several books and articles on health and well-being, relationships and the craft of dating. He has also produced a popular DVD series entitled “Dating Manuals for Men” and “Dating Secrets for Women”.