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Friday, 26 October 2007

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Have you ever asked yourself:

Why do I always get the guys I donít want,
and I never get the ones I do want?

Where are the real men, not the boys?

Why do some women get all the men?

How can I create a real and lasting
connection with a man?

How can I find the good ones?

Yes, there are still good men out there!

You just need to prepare to meet them,
and recognize them when you do.

Whether you know it or not, you have the power to ignite or extinguish the men in your life, to ultimately inspire their passion for you and be warriors for your relationship.

This is an opportunity to hear it from a great guy himself:

Dr. Amir Georges Sabongui will take you through a unique dayís workshop where you will learn:

  • What makes women irresistible to men
  • What a woman can do to attract quality men into her life
  • How can each woman meet her perfect match
  • What a woman can do to understand her mate and create an enduring relationship
In addition, Dr. Sabongui will give you a chance to ask the questions that you were always dying to have answered, and by a real man.

In the workshop we will explore:

  • What are the qualities in you that men are truly looking for
  • Understanding the language of men and how to recognize a good one when you see him
  • How to stand out from every other woman and attract men to you every day
  • How to make him melt when heís finally in front of you
  • How to keep your power in the relationship and not fall into the trap of pleasing him at all cost
  • Personal challenges that may be standing in the way of meeting your perfect man

Price: $ 395 CAD     DIVA DAY alumni Booking: $295 CAD

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