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Saturday, 18 October 2008

Sensuality.... the road to intimacy

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Seminar Room
Do you dare being totally present and passionate with a cherished lover who tickles your soul, inspires you and feel all the gratitude of being enriched by this amazing spirit?

Are you ready to fully participate and be an active part of this passionate adventure?

Doc and the Goddess of Sensuality will share with you the secrets that have guided and inspired generations of women and men for thousands of years.

Discover the Joy of Sensuality on the Road of Intimacy…

Unleash and embrace the unique Warrior/Goddess in you, awaken your inner sensuality, connect with the one that tickles your soul and inspires you, share your high self and embrace each other as you share yourselves physically and emotionally. Create real intimacy and you’ll feel passionately alive, glowing, beaming, enriched and so grateful for the experience...

These full-weekend workshops offer personalized training, emphasizing practical exercises to help you become an active part of your intimate moments and to bring sensuality when connecting with your sensual partner.

You will learn how to

  • Regain empowerment in a relationship
  • Be aware of what you project and what you’re attracted to
  • Be the Warrior who's fighting for her or the Goddess that inspires him to fight for her passionately
  • Figure out what you already do that's sexy – then capitalize on it
  • Get Comfortable with discomfort
  • Get comfortable with your own body and deservedness
  • Open up to better connect with your inner self and each other
  • Connect with your own sensuality
  • Be conscious of your inner dialogue that prevents you from really letting go
  • Create an authentic physical and emotional connection
  • Use body language to share your high self with other
  • Embrace the pleasure of desire
  • Discover the Joy of Touch
  • Dare to give without restraint
  • Dare to receive, totally surrendering
  • Be present, passionate, and engaged


Day 1: Intimacy & Connection (Friday 6pm-9pm)

  1. Creating instant connections without words
  2. Connection without boundaries
  3. Intimacy and the art of authenticity

Day 2: Inner Warrior – Goddess (Saturday 10 am-6 pm plus group dinner)

  1. What do I project & what do I attract
  2. Unleashing the Inner Warrior – Goddess
  3. Overcoming Emotional Inhibitors
  4. Overcoming Physical Inhibitors
  5. Giving and Receiving
  6. Group Outing & Practice

Day 3: Sensuality (Sunday 10 am - 5 pm)

  1. Awakening your senses: sight, smell, sounds, taste and touch
  2. Creating a Mood, an experience for all the senses & a Sensual Environment
  3. Introduction to Sensual Touch & Massage Techniques

Price: $595 CAD --- or $995 for 2 people


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