About Us

LifeSkillsNetwork: (see Name) LifeSkillsNetwork is composed of a group of participating professionals, with expertise in various social disciplines (psychology, sociology, social work, philosophy, theology, counselling, and many specific disciplines, e.g., financial, medical, legal) organized under a Professional Board of Advisors.

The seven Board Members are drawn from the community for terms of three years. The Board's general role is to oversee the work of the Corporation; its particular role is to see that the work of the corporation conforms to the Corporations Standards laid out in the LifeSkillsNetwork Ethical Policy.

510 Boulevard Saint Laurent Suite 301,
Montreal, Quebec H2Y 2Y9 Canada.
Tel: +1.514.840.9393
Our preferred form of communciation is email: contact@truelifeskills.com

LifeSkillsNetwork was established to provide online and direct education and training in practical social skills and to facilitate their acquisition with various forms of support and referral to the clients of the corporation.

Personal Well Being, Meeting People, Growing Relationships, Parenting, Mature Living are meant to represent five general phases of our lives. We view this set of categories as a working list; it is subject to development and modification in response to expressed needs of our clientele.

LifeSkillsNetwork has both permanent and temporary staff. They are either certified professionals or experts with demonstrable skills in particular areas of service. Where appropriate, their relevant data will be posted on the site section proper to their service. LifeSkillsNetwork is open to inquiries regarding staff participation. Email your cover letter describing how you are qualified and your CV to: contact@truelifeskills.com

LifeSkillsNetwork intends to offer a variety of services online (see menu on HOME PAGE) and a number of local services (see specific webpages). ONLINE: LifeSkillsNetwork offers online services through its website: such as Schedules, Products, FAQ, Lists, Message Board, Chat, Assistance and Membership. OFFLINE: LifeSkillsNetwork offers services such as Lectures, Workshops, And Events in various locations throughout North America according to a published schedule.

LifeSkillsNetwork intends to maintain a Research program and to publishe its research online and eventually in book form under the title: The LifeSkillsNetwork Research Papers. LifeSkillsNetwork is open to the voluntary participation of individuals who want to share their specific research interests.

LifeSkillsNetwork also maintains a Publications interest. The corporation sponsors online publication and book publications under the title of The LifeSkillsNetwork Library.
* The purpose of these two departments is to promote the sharing of educational and training information appropriate to the foci of the program.

LifeSkillsNetwork has a network of relationships with other organizations that it has reviewed and found to offer worthwhile services according to its published criteria. The list of of those affiliates and products that our LifeSkillsNetwork Review Board considers to be in conformity with The LifeSkillsNetwork Consumers Review Criteria; The criteria will be published on this site. A regularly updated list of approved affiliates and products will be posted on the LifeSkillsNetwork website under the title: LifeSkillsNetwork Recommended Affiliates and Products. Our list of affiliates is regularly updated and carries with it a policy of updated reviews.

The LifeSkillsNetwork Review Board consists of three panel members. They are chosen from a list of names presented to the LifeSkillsNetwork Board of Directors for a term of one year, renewable. They meet four times year and review the applications for approval from institutions and companies wishing to obtain LifeSkillsNetwork approval and from the products suggested for approval from the general public.

Did it work out with someone you met while at LifeSkillsNetwork? Tell us about it. Tell us how it worked for you at the site. So what happened next. Share your LifeSkillsNetwork story with us. With your permission we will edit it to fit our space allotments and publish it on our website.