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Written by Alex, New York   
Tuesday, 08 May 2007

Broadcasting Messages to Women...Learn How to Speak This Language More Effectively

Hey Doc,

Wow. The past few days have felt like I’ve been re-tuning my life. This weekend was powerful in the plethora and intensity of ideas presented. It’s taken now a couple of days to start to settle my thoughts. I’ll write just a few random observations for now...with more details later.
  • The [workshop] has the feel of the older brother that has figured out a bunch of [ ].. passing it on to the younger brother (us). One of the key characteristics that makes you stand out ..and I think may be the ‘killer-app’ of dating seminars is your authenticity, sincerity, compassion & empathy . This, I think allowed us become more vulnerable, open and more introspective into ourselves as we felt it was a safe environment to explore these primary elements in ourselves. Without that safety...I could see all the guys...just trying to show off to each various ego dances (which is not useful). Your first impressions exercise with the ultimate ‘Negging’ to all participants. Cut ego down to size…and then rebuild with fresher and better tools over the next 2 days.
  • I notice a difference doing the posture exercise Chris commented to me on. All I put my shoulders down and back...with my chest forward when I walk/sit...and am outside in public. On Monday...a cute Asian woman sat next to the park. On Tuesday. while ordering my sandwich...I said to an [attractive woman]...(as I was placing my order) “Oh, I’m sorry. Were you trying to order?” (again, while maintaining.. strong posture..). She literally, turned to me.. and grabbed my bicep and smiled. Combination of posture + the nice spring color Brooks brother shirt I was wearing. These responses are new...and I think little to due with Spring Fever. Conclusion: we do seem to be broadcasting messages all the time to women: and to learn how to speak this language more effectively and to our benefit is invaluable.
  • Whatever future social/dating seminars you develop... I’d sign up again, sight unseen.
Alex, New York