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Written by A.J., Workshop Participant   
Wednesday, 25 April 2007

3 Day Transformational Workshop Review

"I just finished Doc's three day workshop. It was excellent and I recommend it. Doc and his assistants cover a few topics. I can't get into the specifics as that is what the seminar covers, but an outline with my comments is below.

Day 1
1. His assistants (all girls) rate you on a scale of 1-10 and tell you what their first impression of you is. I felt the girls were a bit gentle on us all as the ratings bunched together from 5/5.5 to 7.5. However their first impression comments were quite useful (whether or not they were correct). Doc had some good questions for the girls about us in this section which I think I will also try to measure myself on in the future (how much fun is he? how trustworthy is he?).
2. Marketing Yourself. Seeing yourself as a product in the dating marketplace. This is a nice theoretical framework in which you can continually view yourself. You can update the model over time as you develop as a person. This section was taught by Chris.
3. Five things women look for in a man. Attributes you can grade yourself on. Very useful, I think not just for initial attraction but for long term respect building in your relationship.

Day 2
4. Style overview from Glenn. Shopping with the girls and Glenn in NYC. Glenn gave a talk before our shopping trip about how your clothes creates your first impression. The girls then took us to some stores which I would not have looked at on my own and came up with some new outfits for us. Glenn also came along on the shopping trip and gave us tips on our new outfits. I also asked a number of attractive women in the stores what they thought of the outfits we were trying on. This was useful and I will continue to go to these stores and I will shop more with women in the future.
5. Conversation Initiation - The girls critiqued our approaches and our conversations with them. This was useful for me as I was surprised I came off as depressing even [though] I was not talking about something I was depressed about. I have to raise my energy levels to make sure I do not come across as sad when talking about something deep and meaningful.
6. Evening group outing. I did not attend as I had another engagement for the night.

Day 3
7. Sexual Techniques - Videos and lecture on how to give a girl an intense orgasm. Videos were mediocre but the best available on this subject. A couple of diagrams were useful, but Doc mentioned the desired result usually cannot be had without a lot of trust from your partner. This was the weakest part of the seminar but also the most difficult to teach. It would have been more useful if some trust building exercises or scripts were given that you could do with your partner to get them to trust you and /or relax.
8. Social networking. Excellent, potentially life transforming way of building a high value, large social circle. Why didn't I realize this earlier?
9. Creating a sensual environment at home. Excellent. Doc gives you an idea about what a sensual environment looks like, and what you can do to improve your living space. Of course this will take time, but at least you have something to shoot for now.

Overall the seminar was excellent and I highly recommend it."

-- AJ, New York